Christine ML Lee
Composer, Playwright & Poet

Based out of Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang (Montreal), Christine ML Lee is a composer, playwright and poet interested in the intersection between music, movement and storytelling. Working with dance and spoken word, her music has been performed at Festival Quartiers Danses and in Montreal Botanical Gardens. Alumna of Nightwood Theatre’s Young Innovators Unit 2020-2021, Christine is currently working on a musical tentatively titled, "Just a Note", supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and by Playwright’s Workshop Montreal. Her video poem "Holding Waterways" premiered at the Festival St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe 2021. Christine is serving on the 2021-2022 Board of Directors for the Quebec Writers’ Federation.

photo by Chrystian Guy

Latest News

FILM: "Ritual-Spective 迴融 0.2"

July to August 2021, In-Person Screening on December 4th, 2021

presented by Vancouver Powell Street Festival
Available online (free):

“Ritual-Spective 迴融” is an online experimental media art project. In this iteration, the co-artistic creators Kazuma Glen Motomura & Sammy Chien integrates their parents’ visual art work (by Sally Motomura 本村紗里 & Jackson Chien 簡志雄) with dance-technology, creating an audiovisual/film that is is joined by Vietnamese film editor Hân Phạm, sound designer/composer Christine ML Lee, musicians Alcvin Ryūzen Ramos , Anny Lin, John Nguyen, Gonu Kim and creative collaborator Caroline MacCaull + more artists from the Chimerik 似不像 team.

Kazuma Glen Motomura, Berlin/Tokyo based Japanese and South African experimental dance artist, and Sammy Chien 簡上翔, Vancouver/Taipei based Taiwanese-Canadian interdisciplinary media artist, investigate the intergenerational dialogue on artistic, cultural and spiritual legacy. They enter a ritual of listening, learning and processing the past to honour it and then to re-integrate the discoveries into the here and now.

Both artists are children of immigrant artists, dancing through a spiritual poem that delineates the impermanence of lineage, enrichment of absence and the invisible divisions that connects us in a deeper layer. This research phase examines the Japanese divine architecture, kanji characters and personal memories that embeds a sense of lineage, ancestry and legacy in relation with the complex world of colonialism, sociopolitical division and the spiritual nature of humanism.


AS COMPOSER - Selected Contemporary Classical Works

Bloom, for SATB
Le Choeur du Brouhaha, directed by Sébastien Lachaume

Neige, for piano, cello, violin, alto and double bass

Navires Étoiles Et Âme Sage, for piano solo
Performed by Philippe Prud’Homme

AS COMPOSER - For Film / Video Games / Contemporary Dance

The Flower Sings, Piano Music

Summer Swish excerpts, music for contemporary dance
Choreography by As They Strike Collective

Spring Swish excerpts, music for contemporary dance
Choreography by As They Strike Collective

AS COMPOSER - Sound Design / Electroacoustic Work

À travers la neige, electroacoustic piece
Premiered at the eBuzz Festival at University of Montreal

Flashes, electroacoustic piece,
Excerpt from Level Up Symposium by Associated Designers of Canada

AS PLAYWRIGHT & SONGWRITER - Selected Musical Theatre Work

"Who You Think I Am", excerpt from Just a Note
CMTWC Showcase
Sung by Marie-Pierre de Brienne,
Musical Director, Arrangement by Jonathan Monro
Book, Music & Lyrics by Christine ML Lee

Excerpt from Just a Note
YCU Showcase at Playwrights' Workshop Montreal
Directed by Olivia Woods, Dramaturgy by Jesse Stong

AS POET - Selected work


Safe Place

out of control

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